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Norwegian Summer Rally 2019

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14 gru 2018, 22:21


I would like to invite you to join the Norwegian Summer Rally 2019 in Norway next summer.
Please read this article: https://www.norwegiansummerrally.com/

On the welcome page you will find my email address.
Please dont hesitate to send me questions about the trip.

Have a nice weekend.

Erik Hansen
Oslo, Norway
Norwegian Summer Rally 2019
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02 sty 2019, 23:29

Hello, Erik!

Thank you for the invitation. We drove that route 3 years ago (during Tour de Norwegian Roads 2015) and I can confirm with full responsibility that it's totally awesome! This time I cannot participate in Your event (I have my Miata on the other side of Europe) but I encourage everyone else to do it.

Also, there are some folks from Poland living in Norway as well. I'm sure they will be interested :)
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04 sty 2019, 23:22

Oh yes, they will ;) I will definately join this event, if i`m not gonna be on holiday in Poland. Soon (i hope) i will show up on mx5-miata.no with my last "crunchy" pick up ;)
Greetings from Sandnes :kciuk:
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